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Director Quits ‘Tupac’ Biopic Movie

Studio hires new director after 2nd Tupac, 'All Eyez on Me, director quits. After announcing that the Tupac biopic, All Eyez on Me, would film in Atlanta, Georgia, news surfaced that there was trouble behind...
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Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘The Unknown: Talent is Colorblind’ to Film in Savannah, Georgia

'The Unknown: Talent is Colorblind' starring Whoopi Goldberg will film in Savannah, Georgia this December through January. Despite Florida's attractive beaches and beautiful scenery, Florida struggles to compete with Georgia's film tax credit that another...
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8 Actors and Actresses with Their Photo Doubles

Here are the photo doubles from your favorite movies. You will find them in every movie set, but you will never really see them on the movie screen. Photo doubles, stunt doubles, and stand-ins make...
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Next ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Will Film in Atlanta

Marvel's Spider-Man will film in Atlanta, Georgia 2016. Following Marvel's Ant-Man it appears as though every Marvel superhero movie will film in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are now casting extras for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and just last...
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‘Bourne 5’ to Start Filming in Washington DC Next Week

Matt Damon will start filming Bourne Identity 5 in Washington DC this week. According to reports, Matt Damon has been traveling across the world filming Bourne 5. This week he is in Germany, where he did some sightseeing in...
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‘Gods of Egypt’ Casting Sparks ‘Racist’ Backlash

Gods of Egypt director and movie studio, Lionsgate, have finally issued an apology for white washing the cast of the movie. Director Alexy Proyas and Lionsgate, the movie studio behind Gods of Egypt, have publicly apologized after the movie's...

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