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‘Bourne 5’ to Start Filming in Washington DC Next Week

Matt Damon will start filming Bourne Identity 5 in Washington DC this week. According to reports, Matt Damon has been traveling across the world filming Bourne 5. This week he is in Germany, where he did some sightseeing in...
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‘Gods of Egypt’ Casting Sparks ‘Racist’ Backlash

Gods of Egypt director and movie studio, Lionsgate, have finally issued an apology for white washing the cast of the movie. Director Alexy Proyas and Lionsgate, the movie studio behind Gods of Egypt, have publicly apologized after the movie's...
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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Secret ‘Hunger Games’ Romance

Jennifer Lawrence reveals secret 'Hunger Games' sleepovers. Their on-screen romance in the Hunger Games had young adults going crazy. And while she may have struggled between the two as Katniss Everdeen, it seems in real life Jennifer...
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence to Direct ‘Project Delirium’

Jennifer Lawrence reveals she will direct 'Project Delirium'. Nearly everything Jennifer Lawrence touches turns into Hollywood gold. From the Hunger Games franchise to small talk show interviews, everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. But, now the actress is transitioning...
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‘Selma’ Director Fires Back after Quentin Tarantino’s Insult

Quentin Tarantino's diss of Ava DuVernay's MLK biopic puts Tarantino in hot water. Quentin Tarantino sparked controversy when the director dismissed Ava Duvernay's Selma by telling Bret Easton Ellis in T: The New York Times Style Magazine that the...

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