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‘Suicide Squad’ On Track to Record-Breaking Opening

Suicide Squad is on track to become one of the biggest box office movies of 2016. It looks as though Warner Bros. comic book movie, Suicide Squad,  is now on track to be one of the biggest...
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Is There A ‘Suicide Squad’ End Credits Scene? Here’s What You Need to Know

Suicide Squad will apparently feature a major end credits scene. Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movies this summer. But, will Suicide Squad feature a post-credits sequence? Post-credit sequences have done an amazing job to sit through...
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Atlanta Production Signs – What’s Filming in Atlanta

Wanted to know what's filming in Georgia? Here are the Atlanta production signs decoded. Atlanta Film's industry is booming! Some of the most watched TV shows and movies in recent history are now filming in...
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16 Highest Paid Actors in the World [VIDEO]

Here are the world's highest paid actors in the world. Screen Rant recently rounded up all the highest paid actors from the recent release of Forbes' world's highest paid celebrities list. While the roster included singers, reality...
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“Suicide Squad 2” To Film in Atlanta This Fall

"Suicide Squad 2" is headed to Atlanta! According to Deadline, Gunn is hoping to start production on The Suicide Squad this September in Atlanta. This would give the sequel to “Suicide Squad” movie two years to complete filming...
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Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Passengers’ Falls Flat in the Box Office

The Atlanta filmed Passengers movie fell flat in the box office during the Christmas weekend. Sony's gamble on two A-list actors, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, did not perform as well as many analysts expected. The sci-fi...

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