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Farrah Abraham Reveals Why She Doesn’t Date Black Guys

MTV reality star Farrah Abraham reveals why she doesn't like to date black guys. Since Farrah Abraham made headlines joining the cast of MTV's TEEN MOM. Now, the reality star is in hot water after comments surrounding...
Alejandro González Iñárritu Oscars

Director of ‘The Revenant’ Demands More Diversity in Hollywood

The director of The Revenant is demanding for more diversity in film. Academy Award winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu shouldn't have much to complain about nowadays. He's worked with some of Hollywood's biggest actors and directs some of...
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Don Cheadle: I Was FORCED to Hire a White Co-Star

Don Cheadle said his passion project about Miles Davis would not have gotten off the ground without crowdfunding and a white co-star. The 51-year-old actor and producer, produced, co-wrote and starred in Miles Ahead, a movie depicting...
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Lindsay Lohan: “No woman can be hit and stay with that person”

Lindsay Lohan opens up about her fight with boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. Lindsay Lohan opened up to The Daily Mail about her abusive relationship with Egor Tarabasov over the weekend and revealed the terrifying details about what happened...
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Rupert Grint: I Didn’t Want to Kiss Emma Watson in ‘Harry Potter’

Actor Rupert Grint didn't want to kiss Emma Watson in Harry Potter.  While millions of fans around the world would do nearly anything for a chance to kiss Hermoine Granger, but Rupert Grint was not one...
Pual Rudd

Paul Rudd Reveals Why He Bombed His Titanic Audition

Did you know Paul Rudd auditioned for 'Titanic'? Paul Rudd has revealed that he auditioned for Titanic but, spent his time speaking about the history of the ship instead of saying his lines. The Ant-Man star was in the running...

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