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Amber Rose and VH1 Stars Hired Me for Butt Injections, Gothic Rapper Testifies

Amber Rose, musicians and several celebrities used illegal butt injections by a gothic rapper and illegal self-proclaimed plastic surgery. According to testimony by Padge-Victoria Windslowe, Amber Rose, has butt implants. How does Windslowe know this?...
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How the Truman Show Movie is Making People Go Crazy

The Truman Show Syndrome, the psychological disorder that makes people think they are on a reality TV show. Can a TV show or movie make someone go crazy? Well, according to the latest research, yes. The...
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Man in Hedgehog Suit Brings a Bomb to TV Station

Man in an animal suit brings a bomb to Baltimore TV station. Police are currently investigating a bomb threat at a Baltimore TV station. According to reports, a man who walked into a Baltimore TV...
Chris Rock Top Five

Chris Rock Reveals What Hollywood Thinks of Black Movies

Chris Rock opens up about the film industry in an interview with Howard Stern. Chris Rock is currently promoting his new movie, Top Five and he recently spoke out about race relations in the Hollywood film industry....
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VIDEO: ‘Orange is the New Black’ Set to Premiere June 6th

Orange is the New Black is coming back this June 6th. Netflix has confirmed June 6 as the premiere date for the second season of "Orange is the New Black," the critically accliamed drama/comedy starring...
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Jeremy Irons Bashes ‘Batman v Superman’: ‘The Critics Were Right’

The actor who played Alfred in Batman v. Superman says the movie critics were right and the movie made no sense. According to Jeremy Irons, the actor who played Alfred in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, says the...

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