Amazon Jobs

Looking for a Job? Amazon Studios is Now Hiring

Amazon Studios is now hiring filmmakers -- Apply now! Amazon Studios is the original TV and film department for The organization first created two TV series including Alpha House and Betas on Amazon Prime in 2013. Since then,...
Project Casting

NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ is Now Hiring Crew in Atlanta

NBC’s new TV series Good Girls is now accepting resumes for all crew positions. According to, Universal Pictures is now accepting resumes for all crew positions. As a result, producers are looking for production...
NBC Studios

NBC is Now Looking for Aspiring Late Night Writers

2020 NBC Late Night Writers Workshop is now accepting submissions. Are you interested in becoming a writer in the TV and film industry? One of the best ways to get a start is with the NBCUniversal...

AT&T is Now Hiring People to Work-From-Home (Pay is $16.25/Hour)

AT&T is now hiring people to work from home. Millions of Americans are currently unemployed or underemployed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Coupled with the social-distancing and quarantine requirements, it is challenging for millions of...
Project Casting

Looking for a Film Job? Clint Eastwood is Now Hiring

Clint Eastwood's new movie The 15:17 to Paris is now hiring crew members in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Georgia Help Wanted Hotline, Clint Eastwood's latest project is accepting resumes for crew positions, which means producers are...
fox networks

Looking for a Job? Fox is Now Hiring Associate Producers in Atlanta

Fox is now hiring associate producers in Atlanta, Georgia. Are you looking for a job in the film industry? Twentieth Century Fox is now hiring news Associate Producers in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia's film industry is booming...

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