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NBC “Community” Casting Information

Community is a comedy created by Dan Harmon that premiered in 2009 on NBC. The show follows a group of students at a community college in a fictional city, Greendale, Colorado. The show features...
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Showtime “Californiacation” Casting Information

Californiacation is a drama/comedy television series that debuted on Showtime in 2007. Tom Kapinos created the show and it is centered on Hank Moody played by David Ducohvny as a troubled novelist who moves...
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Fox “Bones” Casting Information

Bones is an crime drama television series that premiered on Fox network in 2005. The show is based on forensic anthropology and archaeology, with every episode focusing on a specific FBI case file revolving...
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A&E “Longmire” Casting Information

Longmire is a crime drama that premiered in the summer of 2012 on A&E. The series was created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin and is based on the novel series written by Craig...
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HBO “The Newsroom” Casting Information

The Newsroom is a drama TV series created and written by Aaron Sorkin and is featured on HBO. The show follows the behind the scenes events of a fictional news channel. Aaron Sork, who...
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Kid Cannabis Feature Film Casting Information

Kid Cannabis is about a group of teenagers drop out of high school and start their own business. This business is a little bit riskier than a day time job at a burger joint....

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