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‘The Ultimate Fighter 17’ Open Fighter Tryouts

Click Here To 'Like' Us on Facebook Think about it — they’re short, rapid, furious, and performed by a panting, red-faced man on the brink of ecstasy. Of course, when those punches are coming from...
Project Casting

“Lone Survivor” Starring Mark Whalberg Open Casting Call

Click Here to 'Like' Us on Facebook! Lone Survivor is an upcoming film based on the failed June 28, 2005 mission, "Operation Red Wing". Four members of Seal Team 10, were given orders to capture...
Project Casting

Casting Directors are Seeking Union Talent for Industrial

Casting Directors are looking for UNION talent for a SAG industrial shoot. Auditions will be held Friday, September 7, 2012. Casting Directors are looking for the following types: CAUCASIAN MALE in his 40s-to late 50's...
Project Casting

Now Casting ‘Gotti’ Starring John Travolta and Al Pacino

Click Here to 'Like' Us on Facebook! In September 2010 Fiore Films announced that they have acquired the rights from Gotti to produce a movie about his life, more specifically about his relationship with his...
Project Casting

‘The Coup’ Starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan is Now Casting

Click Here to 'Like' Us on Facebook! Upcoming in 2013 is an amazing thriller about a an American family that soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a revolution and frantically search for a...
Project Casting

$6,000 Playstation ‘God of War’ Commercial Now Casting

Click Here to 'Like' Us on Facebook! Casting Directors are now casting for a Playstation commercial. Playstation is looking for models and actors for an upcoming ‘God of War’ commercial. This commercial is Non-Union and...

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