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Chicago Med

‘Chicago Med’ Chicago Accident Scene Chicago Casting Call for Twins

NBC’s Chicago Med is now casting twins in Chicago, Illinois. Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on scenes filming in Chicago, Illinois. Producers are seeking the following types: Casting Alert! On our next episode of...
Project Casting

Disney Commercial Casting Call for Families

Disney is now casting families and teenagers in Florida. Central Florida Talent is currently looking for real families with kids ages 11 to 14 years old to work on a Disney production. To audition for a...
Project Casting

‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for High School Actors

Fox’s Empire is now casting high schoolers for season 3 episode 2 filming in Chicago. Fox's Empire is now casting a ton of extras to work on Season 3 episode 2 in Chicago, Illinois. Filming will take place between July 19th...
Project Casting

‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 6 Casting Call for New Talents in Atlanta

Producers for 'Drop Dead Diva' are seeking extras in Atlanta Casting directors are looking for new talent to work on an upcoming scene filming tomorrow, February 20th in Peachtree City, Georgia. They are seeking clean...
Project Casting

Model Casting Call for Female Models in Wilmington North Carolina

Print Ad Casting Call for female models in Wilmington North Carolina. C/G Productions posted a casting call looking for a model to work on an upcoming print Ad. They are looking for a female models...
Project Casting

Documentary Film Casting Call for New Businesses

Documentary Film Casting Call for New Businesses New documentary film is now casting for multi-cultural executives and entrepreneurs who need help either turning around a struggling company or taking a new business to the next...

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