‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Sparks Controversy in Georgia

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Georgia’s film industry is booming. In fact, some of the biggest shows on television including The Walking Dead film across the state. But, some Senoia, Georgia residents are not too happy.

According to a recent 11Alive report, the rise of The Walking Dead tourists to Georgia has upset business owners. Police reportedly had to get involved after a confrontation between some of fans and business owners.

For the past six years, Jamie Thompson of The Walking’ Dead Haralson Tours has been showing tourists the filming locations in and around Senoia where AMC films famous scenes in the show. She even helps dress up some of the fans as zombies. Since last fall, the tours have taken fans on walks through Senoia’s Main Street. But last Saturday, a man who is less than impressed with zombies, got upset as fans dressed as zombies walked in front of a cafe, according to a recent report by 11Alive.com. Pretty soon the police were called.

“And he said the F-word, ‘turn around and keep on walking,’” Terrie Hamrick a tour guide said to the local news outlet. “And then the guy got irate, and some lady ran out of the restaurant with an apron on shooting birds and—foul language again,” Hamrick said. “So, we just went on to our cars,” Hamrick added.

11Alive spoke to the restaurant owner. She said the man who yelled at the zombies to go away is a friend of the owner and that she welcomes tourists, just not ones dressed as zombies as they reportedly scare away customers.

That said, Police Chief Jason Edens explained that as long as zombies walk next to the curb on the public right-of-way, away from the outside tables, they’re allowed to walk past Katie Lou’s. And the local cafe is free to refuse business the undead.


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