‘The Switch’ Acting Auditions Speaking Roles Casting Call

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‘The Switch’ Acting Auditions Speaking Roles Casting Call in Joplin, Missouri.

Katz Kasting is looking for actors, models, and talent to work on a short film production filming in Joplin, Missouri. Travel and lodging will be paid. Casting directors are now casting several speaking roles.

To audition for a role on ‘The Switch’, check out the casting call details below:

‘The Switch’ Casting Call

Katz Kasting Casting Notice: Modified Local Hire. Travel/Lodging Paid (Reimbursed)

Project Name; CIY “The Switch”

Christ in Youth: Short Film videos for national events.
Production Company: CIY Productions
Director: MD Neely
Genre: Faith Based Project

Casting Director: Katrina Cook www.katzkasting.com



  • Tess – Jr. high girl look (in reality could be in high school) – open to any ethnicity. 3 days of shooting, 1 day rehearsal.  Our hero. Eighth-grade girl. She is petite and plain. Tess ispretty self-aware and seems to recognize that there is more to life than middleschool. She is naive but extremely likable. She is identifiable, funny, andcute. She admits, proudly, that her best friend is her mom.
  • Sage– female, any ethnicity , 45-55 years old, will be playing the wise sage character. 3 days of shooting, 1 day rehearsal. Lanky woman with wild and wise eyes. The nervousand awkward substitute teacher in Tess’ science class becomes the eclectic andspastic guide in her dream. She has a kind smile and a warm personality but isuncomfortably unpredictable.
  • Claire – jr. high girl look (in reality could be in high school) – open to any ethnicity. 1 day of shooting, 1 day rehearsal.  Tall girl who masks her insecurities with a faux confidence.Since Claire is repeating the eighth-grade, she has acquired a lot of streetsmarts. She is popular but mostly because she is loud. She has friends becausepeople believe that if they ever got into a jam, Claire could probably get themout of trouble. She has good intentions but is often misguided.

Paid: $250 per shoot day. (Includes: $200 rate + $40 Agency Fee + $10 Per Diem) + up to $500 Travel Reimbursement.Students unable to travel by themselves who must be accompanied by an adult receive $500 TOTAL. (travel booking is the responsibility of talent)

Rehearsal days are $125/day (Includes: $96 rate + $19 Agency Fee + $10 Per Diem).

Modified Local hire. Joplin, Missouri
Included: Travel reimbursement (up to $500 per role) , Hotel, breakfast and lunch, craft services on day of shooting.

Not included: Dinner, or any other meals outside the filming day.

Days Needed: 1-3 days
Film Dates: either be between October 26-29th or Nov 2-6.  The first day will be a meet and greet/hang out/rehearse day, then 3 days of filming.
Shoot Location: Joplin, MO

IMPORTANT NOTE: Follow the directions below to submit for this casting. If you use Actors Access, make your submission there. Do not make duplicate submissions. If you are selected to move to the next stage, we will send you a request for a video audition, along with the directions and scene.

Video Auditions: Due by Sept 5. Self-tape or professional video accepted.

CASTING: Final Selection will be made from Video audition submissions.

To submit:
1) Email: [email protected]
2) Email subject: CIY  Tess, Claire or Sage 3) Include: name, phone #, headshot & resume
4) What role do you want to audition for?
5) Where will you be coming from? Would you be driving or flying?
6) If you are a minor, include your age. .

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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