“The Sound and The Fury” Mississippi Open Casting Call for Speaking Roles

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Casting Directors are currently seeking actors to work on the upcoming feature film “The Sound and the Fury”, directed by James Franco which will be filming in central Mississippi.

Morgan Casting is currently seeking African American talents to work on the upcoming feature film, “The Sound and the Fury” directed by James Franco.

There was recently a child casting call for speaking last week.

Still interested? See the casting call information below. Want more details about the upcoming project? Click here!

“The Sound and The Fury” Open Casting Call!

Morgan Casting is excited to do another round of casting for the upcoming project “The Sound and the Fury,” filming in central Mississippi.

We are seeking the following roles only for Saturday’s open call in Canton, MS – this is not a general call for background or extras but for these specific speaking parts only.

Seeking African American performers only!

1. Roskus: African American Male. He is Disley’s husband and another servant to the Compsons. 45 – 65 years. Seeking Good performer.
2. Versh: African American male. 17-23 years.
The son of Disley and Roskus. Benjy’s first caretaker. He is kind and responsible.
3. Luster: African American boy. 10-14 years. Frony’s son. He is Benjy’s last caretaker. He is a responsible babysitter but also delights in making Benjy cry.
4. Frony A: African American girl. 8-10 years. The daughter of Dilsey and Roskus.
5. Frony B: African American females. Late teens to mid 20s.

If interested, please email a photo to [email protected]com

Be sure to include your
1. Name
2. Age & year of birth (both please)
3. City / State in which you live
4. Best contact numbers

This gives us a heads-up as to who to expect and what our numbers may look like. Much appreciated for doing so.

Our open call is Saturday, August 24th at
The Corner House
252 E Peace Street
Canton, MS 39046

PLEASE bring a photo that you can leave with us at the casting. No pro shots needed, just a simply photo or printed image we can staple to your casting form would be much appreciated.

We are only casting African American talent for the roles above. Please spread the word to any friends or family you may know who might be great for a speaking part!

Thanks so much & excited to see everyone soon!

Morgan Casting

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