“Swan Song” Feature Film is Now Casting Speaking Roles

Casting Call

An upcoming feature film is now casting speaking roles in Sandusky, Ohio.

Angela Boehm Casting is now casting actors for speaking roles in Sandusky, Ohio. Casting directors are looking for talent to work on scenes filming between June 17th through July 8th. Talents will be compensated $120/day.Details for the movie have not been released. To audition for a role in the upcoming feature film, check out the casting call breakdown below.

“Swan Song” Feature Film Casting Call

Please read carefully, entirely, and follow all directions in order to be submitted.

We are helping to cast a SAG Ultra Low Budget film in the Sandusky area. We will be doing video submissions only right now, no session. Please look at the breakdown below and if you can work local to Sandusky and are interested, please follow the submission instructions below.

Project: “Swan Song” feature film
Location: Sandusky, OH
Shoot Dates: June 17th-July 8th
Pay: $120/day + 10% agent fee
Submission Date: As soon as possible

The director is looking for an authentic, typical Ohio resident feel in all of these roles.

Gertie — 80s, Female, former client of Pat’s who now suffers from Alzheimer’s in the same nursing home. Her long hair was once the most beautiful in town.

Josiah — 40s, Male, hunky farmer whose lean muscles come from years of hard work. Josiah has a polite, old-fashioned neighborly warmth.

Lyle —25-35, Male, disheveled and disengaged gas station cashier who is probably stoned right now.

Female Customer — 40s, on her way back to Sandusky, more town than country.

RoRo — 35, Female. African-American, sassy and successful hair salon owner.

Ben — 30’s, Male. Earthy, scruffy gardener who radiates Zen energy.

Rite Aid Clerk — 40-60, Female. Working class woman who hasn’t changed her curling-ironed hair since the 1970s (or is it the 80s?!).

Crusty Cab Driver — 25-50, Male or Female. Takes no shit from anyone.

Silver Haired Bear — 50-65, Male. Sexy charismatic guy from the gay bear community.

Nurse – 30-50, Female. Caring but commanding.

Sherman Ransom – 40s. Male. Nervous, impatient, deadpan funeral director.

Eunice – Male, any ethnicity, 60+ years. Weathered but well-moisturized, “Eunice” is Billy Gene Taylor’s former drag name. Mister Pat’s best friend from back in the day, fabulously flamboyant Eunice refuses to grow old. On the surface, he’s a scream – but down deep Eunice feels lonely.

Dustin – 30s. Dashing, preppy, WASPy gay orphan who comes from money. Dustin grew up in small-town Sandusky but came out when he was fourteen and never looked back. Type-A personality with a thriving business in Columbus, Dustin is a demanding perfectionist just like his Grandma Rita.

Sue – 50-ish. Former one-time client of Pat’s, whose hairstyle gave Sue a rare moment of confidence. Mousy Sue is the type of person no once notices. Maternal and kind, Sue puts everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. One strong scene with lead.

Shaundell – African American, 25-45. Sandusky born and raised, registered nurse who works the day shift in a nursing home. Practical and no nonsense, Shaundell quite enjoys the little game of telling her patient Pat what to do and him not doing it.

Gabriel – 20s. Super attractive and fit small-town gay bar bartender. Gabriel appears to be the typical Millennial who is more interested in his cellphone than learning about gay history from an older generation. But, in the end, Gabriel gains an appreciation for his legendary forefather. Two strong scenes with lead.

Scottie – 35 – 40. Warm and friendly, beer drinking, Cleveland Browns-loving, typical Ohio dad next door (married to Evie). Probably voted for Trump but would give you the shirt off his back. Several nice scenes with lead.

Evie – 35. Fun-loving, loud, bawdy, beer-drinking mom next door who is always the life of the party (married to Scottie). Her husband and son are her world. That, and Bud Light. Several nice scenes with lead.

Mr. Walter Shanrock – 55-75. Old money, conservative, condescending small-town lawyer. Two key scenes with lead.

Ms. Velma – African-American, 25-45. Insecure, small-town drag queen who is gonna make it big someday. Pivotal scene with lead.

Janie – 70+. Spunky and weathered farmer’s widow. Still lives on the same land where she was born. One key bittersweet scene with lead.

Tristan – late teens-early 20s. Super fashionable gender-fluid gay kid with an attitude but the talent to back it up.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected]
Your subject line should list the role or roles you’re submitting for.
In the body of your e-mail, include your full name, agent if you have one, phone number, and height.
Please attach a current photo of yourself.
If interested, we will send you video audition instructions and sides for your character.

Once again please follow all directions or your submission will be deleted.

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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