Sunny D Commercial Casting Call (Pay is $3000+)

Sunny D commercial is now casting teen actors and models in Florida.

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on an upcoming Sunny D Commercial filming in South Florida (and perhaps Central and North Florida).

Producers are seeking the following types:

  • Fun, Special talents - Casting directors are looking for kids with unusual physical skill, unique talent or a clever routine. If they put it on film and reposted it, their friends would want to watch and share. And who knows? It could even blow up on the internet.
  • Authentically cool - Casting directors are looking for kids that are genuine. Not because they dress a certain way, conform to the norm or are stereotypically attractive. But because they are comfortable in their own skin. They are unencumbered by previous generations’ definitions of what is traditionally considered cool, attractive, and desirable.
  • Diverse - They come from all walks of life, so kids from all over the country would relate to and aspire to be like them. Their personalities should be energetic, magnetic, playful and warm. They’re also approachable. Anyone would want to hang out and be friends with them.


  • High School (looks 18 or younger)
  • Middle School (looks like a tween)
  • Elementary School (looks 9 or younger)


Casting directors are looking for kids with amazing talents. No winter sports. Example talents include:

  • 1. Original Talent - soccer trick show, tall bike trick ride, longboard skate dancing
  • 2. Original talent, beach/water - Headstand on skimboard…etc.
  • 3. Handshaker breakdancers - This teen performs acrobatic stunts on a moving horse. Their routine escalates into an epic break dance battle
  • 4. Acrobatic Horse stunt rider (with own horse) - This teen performs acrobatic stunts on a moving horse
  • 5. Wheeled Footwear (Heely) Pro - Can perform elaborate tricks, jumps, spins, like a skateboarder
  • 6. Throwback DJ - This MC and audiophile nerd mixes the beat of the spot on analog equipment
  • 7. Karate/Kung Fu/Taekwondo/Martial Arts - This teen girl is incredibly talented and experienced in martial arts.

How to apply:

Email a video of yourself performing the skills listed above to [email protected] by no later than Saturday, April 7 by 1 pm. Auditions for those selected tapes will be held on April, 8 in Orlando. Do not submit if you’re not local to Florida.


  • Rate is OCP Session: $600/10hr + OCP Usage: $2500.
  • Optional rate includes a 2nd-year renewal at 10%, print use for 1 year at $2500, digital OOH for 1 year at $500

For more information, check out the casting call breakdown below.

Sunny D Commercial Casting Call

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If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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