Spike TV’s Catch a Contractor Casting Call for Homeowners

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contractor-bad-upset-getty_f3abdd9aeb4656f3f0eead5068e9177f_3x2_jpg_300x200_q85Are you the victim of a shady contractor? Spike TV wants to help you.

Casting directors are now casting talent to work on an upcoming series on Spike TV, “Catch a Contractor”.

Variety recently reported on this new television show and pointed out that it will feature Adam Carolla as he serves as a watchdog to homeowners who have been cheated by a contractor and left with an unfinished disaster.

In reference to Adam Corolla, Variety points out that “While the comedian’s podcast The Adam Carolla Show continues to thrive through ear buds and computer speakers worldwide, Carolla has not abandoned his passion for carpentry, a line of work the talkshow host pursued before his time on “Love Line” and “Man Show.”

Are you interested in being a part of this new series? See the following Casting Call information below for more details:



Calling all homeowners: If you are the victim of a shady contractor, Spike TV wants to help you.
In this new series, our celebrity host partners with a general contractor and private investigator to hunt down the perpetrator who botched your construction job – or left you in the dust – and get the job done finished.
If you are living in the wake of a con artist who needs to pay for what they’ve done, let us catch your contractor, end your construction nightmare and serve some justice.

Apply now at www.catchacontractor.com, or email casting directors directly at [email protected]

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