Showtime is Now Looking for Aspiring Screenwriters

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, DECEMBER 23, 2017: Showtime entertainment store in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. (James R. Martin /

Showtime is now looking for aspiring writers for their Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition.

Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions for their screenplay competition at the Nantucket Film Festival. Winners receive cash prizes including $5,000 for winners and VIP festival access to winners with scripts for short films, feature films, 30-minute TV Pilots and hour-long TV pilots.

From Nantucket:

Showtime Tony Cox Screenplay Competitions recognize emerging writers in four unique categories as the best from the pool of submissions each year. Finalists in each competition are read by prestigious juries, receive top industry recognition, and participate in a Festival focused specifically on screenwriting that includes cash prizes for all competitions and a Mentors Brunch with a prominent screenwriter (past mentors include Oliver Stone, Robert Towne, David O. Russell, and Nancy Meyers). 

Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition  Deadline: March 15