‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’ Nationwide Casting Call

Project Casting

The producers of ‘Untold Stories of the ER’ are now conducting a nationwide search for stories of sexual mishaps that have ended up in the ER!

Sex Sent Me to the ER

Has a funny fetish ever resulted in a not so funny trip to the ER? Did you sustain an injury in the throes of passion? Has a night of magical lovemaking ever resulted in a mysterious medical condition?

Do you have an outrageous story that you and your partner love to share?

Producers want to hear about it!

Looking for fun, lively couples who are dating, married, or broken up

Compensation will be provided for selected stories!

Sex Sent Me to the ER is an television series on the TLC network .

 The show has actors reenact real-life accidents that occurred during sex. A preview reported on by The New York Post included segments on a 440-pound man who put his 110-pound girlfriend’s head through a wall, a woman who suffered a two-hour orgasm, and a man who broke his penis while having sex with his wife and his girlfriend (who subsequently fought in the emergency room).

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