Run a Small Business? CNBC "The Big Fix" Casting Call

Is your business not succeeding? Do you need an expert opinion, a pair of fresh eyes, and additional money to make major changes in your business? Would you also consider going on reality TV? CNBC is currently accepting submissions from small businesses for an upcoming reality television series titled "The Big Fix." This new series will feature Marcus Lemonis, a self-made millionaire and CEO of Camping World. Lemonis will invest up to $2 million dollars of his fortune by giving small businesses an extreme makeover.CNBC will document what happens when Lemonis personally invests his time, experience, and $500,00 in each business. Many may recall Lemonis from his work on ABC's Secret Millionare and past seasons of Celebrity Apprentice.

Recently, in an article from MSNBC, LaVine reported that "In a statement from production company THE, Lemonis explained his active involvement in the show, saying, "Anyone can make it look like they've fixed a business on TV by blindly slashing jobs and overhead, but that doesn't work for me. It's the art and science of reworking a business with skill, finesse and humanity, along with preserving and protecting the labor force, that keeps me in the game, and that made me excited to doThe Big Fix. (MSNBC)" The show is open to small-businesses from anywhere in the U.S. in need of a turnaround. To apply,business owners should send an e-mail describing their background and current situation to [email protected] by February 22, 2013. (Source: MSNBC)
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