RoadRun Feature Film Principal Actors Casting Call and Breakdown

Project Casting

Morgan Casting recently created a casting event for the following feature film:

Feature Film

STORY LINE: Deeply in love with his Mexican girlfriend OLIVIA DURAN, MICHAEL TAYLOR goes down to San Miguel with Olivia and two of his friends for a beach vacation. Things take a frightening turn when Olivia is kidnapped by drug dealer MATEO, who demands that Michael take a backpack full of cocaine–stolen from a cartel–over the border and into the U.S. within twelve hours or else Olivia will be killed. As a terrified Michael navigates an increasingly treacherous trail of blood-thirsty thieves, drug dealers, cops and killers, he himself becomes a force to be reckoned with…

Producers, Pieter Myny, Shawn Lock, Daniel Zirilli
Director, Daniel Zirilli
Writers, Paul G. Cuschieri, Shawn Lock,
Casting Director, Matthew Morgan, CDC

Start Date: May 7th-May 22nd in Baja & Tijuana, May 23-30th in San Diego/Los Angeles
Pay Rate: $100/day plus a copy of the reel. 
Location: San Diego/ Baja Area

If interested, email us a photo and resume to [email protected] 

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Thanks so much!

Role Breakdown

1. [MICHAEL TAYLOR] 24-25 years old, brown-haired and attractive, not physically imposing but possessing a quiet intensity that indicates a certain gravity, a decent guy prone to anxiety and claustrophobia (for which he takes Ativan), Michael is basically not a party animal but goes to San Miguel in Baja/Mexico with his stunning, high-maintenance Mexican girlfriend, Olivia, and his two buddies, Trey and Josh. Michael clearly adores Olivia and is thinking about marrying her, so when she’s kidnapped and he’s threatened with her death unless he carries some cartel cocaine over the border to the U.S., he mans up and, terrified, starts the journey. Under duress, the determined Michael proves to be tougher and more resourceful than he appears, fighting off vatos, dealing with underworld figures and even, eventually, killing two attackers with a gun. He even managers to overcome his claustrophobia and anxiety he’s forced to navigate a tiny, dark tunnel under the border on his last leg to the U.S. THough his goal is always to free Olivia, Michael finds himself attracted Lucille, a Mexican woman whose life he saves, and who saves him in return–and whose feelings for him seem to compensate for the violent betrayal of Olivia…LEAD (1)

2. [MATEO] 40, Hispanic, a scar-faced Mexican drug dealer, ruthless, intimidating, confident, Mateo has a nice racket going: he kidnaps an American woman on vacation and forces her boyfriend/husband to be a mule and take stolen cocaine over the border to the U.S. (at which point he usually kills them both). Mateo has “kidnapped” Michael Taylor’s girlfriend Olivia, but in fact Olivia belongs to Mateo, and is merely a plant to reel in Michael as their newest mule. Though Olivia proves to be a bit of an annoyance with her demands for more money, Mateo is nevertheless obviously romantically involved with her. Using remote feeds, he watches Michael’s progress to the border, but what happens next is a big surprise to him…LEAD (1)

3. [OLIVIA DURAN] 23, Mexican, gorgeous, manipulative, a convincing actress when she wants to be, quite dangerous when she has to be, Olivia is accustomed to wrapping men around her finger with her sexuality, and can be seductive, playful, pouty, domineering, irritating and adorable, depending on her mood. Of a somewhat mysterious background, Olivia is currently dating Michael Taylor, and she clearly has him right where she wants him. However, Olivia is not what she seems, and is in fact romantically and professionally involved with drug dealer Mateo, with whom she’s in cahoots in his scheme to get Michael to bring cocaine over the border, using her as a “kidnap” victim…LEAD (4)

4. [JESUS VALENCIA] Mexican, slender, with a smooth face that makes him look younger than his 50 years, Jesus is a Tijuana police detective, principled, pragmatic, courageous, seasoned, a natural leader, able to think out of the box. Accustomed to working the devastating drug wars of Mexico, Jesus is puzzled and concerned about a large number of murdered Americans found near the border, but thinks he’s figured it out when he hears from his undercover colleague Ramon about the ransoming/mule scams some splinter faction cartels are using. Jesus zeroes in on Michael, and is able to step in and save his life with an ingenious plan at the very last minute…LEAD (5)

5. [LUCILLE] 20, classically Mexican pretty, with long dark hair and big brown eyes, Lucille is the niece of a powerful outlaw, Andres, and she meets Michael when she sits next to him on the bus for the border and steals his backpack–the one with the cocaine in it. A decent, feisty, courageous young woman, Lucille is grateful to Michael when he saves her life even after she’s stolen from him, and she returns the favor by picking him up at a dangerous point and bringing him to the last leg of his dangerous journey. There is definitely a spark of attraction between Lucille and Michael, that promises well for their future…LEAD (17)

6. [RAMON] 40, a humble looking Tijuana shoe-shine man, Ramon is an undercover police officer who gives Jesus some interesting information about the ransom/mule scam some cartel splinter factions are using. A decent man and a stand-up cop, Ramon discovers the American man Jesus is looking for, and loses his own life trying to protect Michael from cartel assassins…LEAD (19)

7. [ANDRES] 50, Mexican, striking looking, authoritative, well-spoken, smart, Andres is a well-established drug dealer with a family, and the uncle of Lucille. Grateful that Michael saved her life and impressed with Michael’s determination to get his package of cocaine across the border, Andres does what he can to help Michael by connecting him to a coyote…LEAD (27)

8. [PEDRO] 40, a blond-haired, blue eyed American, Pedro is an underworld type who holds court in the backroom of a Tijuana bar, where he meets Michael, who’s been sent to him by his friend Andres. Pedro arranges for Michael to have a coyote escort him back over the American border, but Pedro is not to be trusted, and tries to pull a fast one on Michael…lEAD (39)

9. [JOSH] 24, with dark hair, a muscular, sun-kissed torso and an air of confidence, Josh is one of the two friends who go with Michael and Olivia to San Miguel in Mexico. A surfer and a partier, Josh is impressed by Michael’s relationship with the gorgeous Olivia, but a bit taken aback when Michael says he wants to marry her. When Michael and Olivia go missing, Josh and Trey call the police…12 lines, 5 scenes (4)

10. [TREY] 22, thin, with long, sandy blond hair, a kid who’s not yet come into his own, Trey is friends with Josh and Michael, and joins them and Olivia as they go down to the beach in San Miguel. When Michael and Olivia go missing, he and Josh call the police…3 lines, 5 scenes (4)

11. [PERRITO] One of Mateo’s partners in crime, injured in a shootout, Perrito works with Mateo on selecting viable vacationing couples for their scam. Perrito keeps tabs on Michael as he makes his way across the border, and monitors the remote feed when Michael is on the last leg of his journey…8 lines, 4 scenes (45)

12. [GABE] 50s, Mexican, dressed in rags, Gabe is one of the people going across the border with Pedro’s coyote and Michael. A decent man who’s curious about why an American like Michael needs a coyote ride across the border, Gabe is very grateful to Michael when violence breaks out inside their coyote’s van, and for helping him to cross the border…5 lines, 4 scenes (48)

13. [DECKER] 40, a Princeton cut Hickey-Freeman type, Decker is an American D.E.A. who’s working with Michael and Jesus to set up his final encounter with Mateo’s contact. He is authoritative, experienced and decisive…2 speeches & 9 lines, 1 scene (70)

14. [MINUTEMAN-1, MINUTEMAN-2] These two tough American Minutemen in their 50s patrolling the US/Mexico border hold Michael at gunpoint and question him about his situation…9 lines, 1 scene; 1 line, 1 scene (54)

15. [MIGUEL] 40, a Mexican cop who looks 60 and tired and is clearly sick of his job, he’s at a crime scene with Jesus and doesn’t come up to Jesus’ standards…2 lines, 1 scene (5)

16. [TONY] 35, Mexican, Tony is Jesus’ partner, who works with Jesus in bringing down a compound…4 lines, 2 scenes (6)

17. [CLERK] 40, male, Mexican, this clerk at the hotel where Michael and Olivia are staying politely handles Michael’s queries about his missing girlfriend…3 lines, 1 scene (15)

18. [SALES AGENT] This Mexican sales agent at the bus depot sells Michael a ticket to Tijuana…2 lines, 1 scene (17)

19. [BUS DRIVER] Mexican, this bus driver on the way to Tijuana asks Michael if he can check his bag…1 line, 1 scene (18)

20. [BIG VATO] This Mexican homeboy is a tough looking vato, nothing but skin, muscle and ink–not to mention the two pitbulls he has on a leash. A member of Andres’ crew, he and several others menace Michael when he comes onto their property in pursuit of Lucille…3 lines, 1 scene ((26)

21. [COLLEAGUE] One of Jesus’ colleagues at the police station, he jokes with Jesus when he asks him how much a coyote costs…3 lines, 1 scene (32)

22. [HECTOR] This Mexican nerd in the Tijuana police station tech room handles a request for some research from Jesus…5 lines, 1 scene (32)

23. [PATROLMAN] This Mexican patorolman near the US/Mexico border orders Michael to move his car…2 lines, 1 scene (34)

24. [MEXICAN MOTHER] This Mexican mother is very grateful to Michael for saving her child, who was strapped into the backseat of her car–which he stole, but which she mistakenly thinks was stolen by someone else, whom Michael rescued her baby from…1 line, 1 scene (35)

25. [GAS STATION ATTENDANT] 40, portly, this gas station attendant near the border translates what the Mexican mother is saying to Michael…2 lines, 1 scene (35)

26. [BARTENDER] This Mexican bartender at a strip club understands that Andres has snet Michael, and lets him go to the backroom…5 lines, 1 scene (38)

27. [MANAGER] 50, this professional looking male Tijuana bank manager is polite and a bit puzzled but accommodating when Michael wants to receive $12,000 in cash advances from his credit cards…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (44)

28. [BALDING MAN] 30s, strong, this balding Mexican man dressed in rags and carrying very little is one of the two people accompanying Michael in the coyote-driven van to the border. He winds up pulling a knife on Michael…1 line, 3 scenes (48)

29. [POLICEMAN] This Mexican policeman talks to Josh and Trey about the missing Michael and Olivia, and calls the information in to Jesus immediately…1 speech & 5 lines, 1 scene (49)

30. [TECH] This technician on the US side of the Tijuana/US border works in a border patrol office with D.E.A. officer Decker, and runs a trace on the phone call between Michael and Mateo…5 lines, 1 scene (71)

31. [NARC OFFICER] This narcotics officer working on the Mateo sting with Jesus and D.E.A. officer Decker is at the scene and waits for Decker to hand the play over to him…2 lines, 1 scene (75)

32. [MEXICAN THUG-1] This Mexican thug is one of Mateo’s men who’s supposed to get the hand-off from Michael at Otay Mesa…2 lines, 1 scene (76)

33. [NARC OFFICER-1] This narco officer at Mateo’s house yells for Michael not to go in…1 line, 1 scene (78)

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