‘Press Start’ Indie Feature Film Casting Call in Atlanta

Project Casting

Currently casting for a non-union feature PRESS START.

It’s got just about everything you’d want in a mid-1980’s set absurdist comedy about video game champions: Montages, popular blonde bullies, claymation dinosaur sidekicks…. just to wet your whistle. Think Better Off Dead… or Wet Hot American Summer. We’re currently looking for many of the leads for the film set for a June production start in Athens, GA.

WAYNE WILDES — 18-30 — lead. Think young John Cusack. Michael J. Fox. He’s recently lost his brother, Wes, the video game champion of the world, and is just trying to start his life over as college begins. His destiny won’t let that happen.

LUCKY — 18-35 — lead. Think Curtis Armstrong. He’s the sidekick that’s not quite right in the head. He’s harmless but very eccentric; The life blood of many scenes.

CAIN MCSAVAGE — 18-35 — villain — Tall. Blonde. Douche. He’s your 80’s villain. Leader of the group of guys that all look alike — dates the female version of himself. He makes chaos of the hero’s life with his lame jokes. He’s essential.

JILL — 18-30 — love interest. The girl next door. She’s the one that believes in Wayne when he doesn’t believe in himself.

This is a little to no pay job but you will receive IMDB credit. Plus the memories will be priceless.

Please submit to [email protected]

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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