Own A Jaguar? Here’s Your Chance To Be In a Jaguar Photo Shoot

Emblem from Jaguar F-Pace at the showroom in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - Image (Faiz Zaki / Shutterstock.com)

Here’s your chance to be in a Jaguar photo shoot.

Donna Grossman Casting is looking for Jaguar vehicle owners for several photos shoots taking place across the country. Casting directors are looking for people who have “entrepreneurial spirit as well as those who proudly pursue their own passions.”

Casting directors are also encouraging those who have an individual sense of flair and style as well as hidden impressive talents, hobbies or interests to apply.

How to apply:

Per the casting call breakdown, “to be part of this exciting series, you must have a strong connection with the brand and preferably own a recent model Jaguar vehicle.

If this sounds like you, please tell us about yourself in a selfie video, or some photos and write a brief paragraph or two that illustrate why we should consider for this fantastic opportunity. “

If you have any questions before you make your video or write your style, email casting at:

[email protected]

To submit your story and media, please use the following link.

For more information visit DonnaGrossmanCasting.com

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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