Project Casting

Cornwell Casting is looking for wealthy couples in the Los Angeles / Orange County area that are currently having financial woes and now have to downsize to make ends meet for a new reality TV show.

Did you once live a lavish lifestyle and now your credit cards are all maxed out?

Do you have take your kids out of private school and send them to public school to save money?

Has your spoiled wife had to go back to work because you can’t afford your country club dues anymore? Has your husband had to sell his car collection because he can’t afford the upkeep?

Do you have to sell your mansion and move into a modest home to pay back your creditors? If this is your current situation…we want to meet you!

Cornwell Casting recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page:

Riches to Rags Casting Call Information

To apply please send us you and your spouse’s name, where you live, a brief description of your current financial situation and your contact information to Tony at [email protected] TODAY!