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Hey Virginia talents! Casting directors are now casting various roles and they are looking for actors, characters, and comedians to star in an upcoming Virginia Lottery Commercial!

Casting Breakdown
GUY – male, any ethnicity, late 30′s to mid 40′s. A fun-loving guy with a memorable look and unique appearance.
A prankst

er who has a good time with family, friends and co-workers, especially during the holidays.
Actor must be willing and physically able to: bend over, crawl, lift things and be on knees.

OFFICE WOMAN – female, any ethnicity, mid 30’s to mid 40′s. As the office cheerleader, she leads her
fellow employees in the office ‘gift exchange’. This woman has a great unique voice – bubbly, vivacious, fun and possibly quirky.

SUZANNE – female, any ethnicity, late 40’s to mid 50’s. A great character face. Comes off as a bit frumpy
and sullen at the office, until the perfect gift brings out her playful side.

COOKIE WOMAN – female, any ethnicity, late 20′s to early 30′s. She’s a mid–level office professional.
Polite and friendly with an expressive face. She gets stuck on the phone with a client while everyone
else is enjoying the holiday cookies she’s been looking forward to having all year. Will she get off the phone in time?

MALE CO-WORKER – male, any ethnicity, mid 30′s to mid 40′s. Quirky and interesting looking guy.
Whether he ate the last cookie or ate more than his fair share, he’s guilty and he knows it.
Actor must be willing and physically able to eat cookies, and have a great “guilty” look.

Confirm FULL AVAIL or provide availability info below:
Availability to attend audition in Charlottesville on Tues, Oct 9th:
Availability to attend callbacks on October 11th:
Availability to attend wardrobe fitting in Richmond on October 16th:
Availability for shoot date(s) in Richmond on October 17th, 18th and 19th:
if not avail for all those dates, please do not even submit.

If you are not selected as a principal, are you interested in being a paid extra.? please indicate.

Have you ever appeared in a VA Lottery commercial ..?


-Union and non-union actors will be considered.
Please send a recent photo and an acting resume if you have one
Confirm that you live in Virginia
Union status (SAG-AFTRA or Non-union):
Role(s) submitting for:
Age or age range:
Phone number:
[email protected]

If you are interested in a role in this upcoming commercial leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered! Break a Leg!