No Fear Here Productions Casting Call for Upcoming Apprenticeship Project in Atlanta

No Fear Here Productions is currently casting in the Georgia area for an upcoming project.
No Fear Here Productions posted a casting call for an apprentice project. They are casting for several roles ranging from a "good-guy" african american role, to a closeted homosexual.
Still interested? See the casting call information below for more details!

Apprenticeship Project Casting Call Information

NOW CASTING No Fear Here Productions' newest apprenticeship project: Please send your headshot and resume to Darla Nofearhere Clarkson @ [email protected]m ASAP!
  • Norman – Late twenties-early thirties, caucasian male. Dark hair if possible. Not great looking, but distinctive, quirky. Only a lady killer in the literal sense of the word, but he can get a date. An Anthony Perkins type. let’s say.
  • Maggie Trevalyn – Mid-late twenties Caucasian female. Possibly blonde. She’s a really good looking lady, and shouldn’t have any problem finding dates. Well-groomed, looks great in a sweater. 
  • Mailman – TERENCE - late twenties-mid thirties black male. He’s an average Joe, but possibly someone who works out and has a great physique. He’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he’s a good looking, nice guy. The kind of guy who this sort of thing normally never happens to.
  • Bachelor Number 1 – RICHARD - Male, Late thirties – early forties. Sleazy looking sort that hangs out in strip clubs hoping to impress the dancers.
  • Bachelor Number 2 – GEOFF - Male, mid thirties. Plain looking, possibly overweight, someone who would make a poor salesman.
  • Bachelor Number 3 – HANSEL - Male, any age – must be able to quickly make balloon animals.
  • Bachelor Number 4 – TOPHER - Male, late thirties. Cat loving, closeted homosexual.
EXTRAS Need extras for speed dating/bar scenes, street scene, and coffee shop scene. Need teenaged skateboarder extra for mailbox scene.

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