Netflix 'Antarctica' Nationwide Casting Call for the Lead Role

Netflix's Antarctica is now casting the lead role and seeking teen actors.

Sony Pictures Television, Netflix and Telsey & Company are now casting a lead role in the new and exciting Netflix comedy TV series Antarctica. Casting directors are now casting teen actors to play the role of Sam Watts.
  • Sam Watts - To portray 18 years old: A highschool senior on the autistic spectrum. While Sam is in some ways "normal" (he's verbal, he attends a regular public high school, and he just realized he might like to date girls) he still has a hard time reading non-verbal cues, so much of the world is a mystery to him (especially girls). Despite the fact that he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, Sam is blunt and straightforward.In fact he doesn't know how not to be. Sam knows a lot about Antarctica and you happen to sit next to him on the bus for more than five minutes, you probably will, too. Sam's disability earns him both scorn and intense loyalty from the people around him. For all the kids who taunt him at school, he has people at home and at work who defend and love him. Sam is very close to his family but as he approaches graduation he's starting to realize it's time to get ready to leave the nest. Sam narrates the series and brings us into his special, unique world.
According to reports, the new comedy project is produced by Seth Gordon (The Goldbergs, Horrible Bosses, Baywatch) and written by Robia Rashid (How I Met Your Mother). If you are interested in submitting your audition, check out the casting call details below. Antartica Netflix Casting

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Do you think you are perfect for this role? Leave us a comment below and tell casting directors why you should be selected!

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