NBC's 'Chicago PD' Chicago Casting Call for Joggers, Bicyclists

NBC's Chicago PD is now casting extras to work on a restaurant scene filming in Chicago.

NBC's Chicago PD is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on an episode filming on March 14th. Casting directors are looking for extras to play bicyclists, joggers and restaurant patrons. Filming will take place in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, March 14th.

About NBC’s Chicago PD Season 3:

NBC’s Chicago PD centers on the Intelligence team located at the District 21 of the Chicago Police department. This team fights the city’s major offenses including organized crime, drug trafficking, and high profile murders.

 To audition for a role on NBC’s Chicago PD season 3, check out the casting call details below:

NBC ‘Chicago PD’ Season 3 Casting Call

***NBC's Chicago PD - Background Extras Casting Alert*** Background Casting for: Monday, March 14th ---------------------------------------- SUBMISSION TITLE: "LAKESHORE PATH" FILMS: Monday, March 14th; early morning (potentially 5:30am) ROLES: Bicyclists and Joggers = Onlookers to Crime Scene & potential change to upscale Restaurant Patrons SCENE: Exterior crime scene: films off of North side of Lakeshore drive // Interior: Steak House SPECS: Potential call is around 5:30AM = we'll need early risers/punctual people willing to work outside! *Please submit photos of yourself in your best workout attire and in your best evening attire. *If you are interested in being booked with your bike, please be sure to indicate that in your submission and attach a photo of it! PAY RATE: $80/8 hours and time and one half for anything after that; If booked with bike = $15 Bike Bump added to your pay out. ---------------------------------------- SUBMISSION TITLE: "BE OUR GUEST" FILMS: Monday, March 14th; morning call (potentially 9/10am) SCENES: Interior: Steakhouse Restaurant, films in Downtown Chicago ROLES: Maître D', Busboys, Servers SPECS: Looking for people with real life restaurant experience for an upscale steakhouse scene. PAY RATE: $80/8 hours and time and one half for anything after that -------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: If you live in/around the Chicago, IL area, and fit the description above, please submit the following information to [email protected] with either "LAKESHORE PATH" and/or "BE OUR GUEST" in the subject line:
**ATTACH MULTIPLE RECENT PHOTOS of yourself NAME: EMAIL: PHONE: ZIP: AGE: HEIGHT: WEIGHT: FEMALES: DRESS/BUST-WAIST-HIP/SHOE: MALES: JACKET/NECK/SLEEVE/WAIST/INSEAM/SHOE: VISIBLE TATTOOS: *Please attach a photo of the tattoos CAR?: Color/Year/Make/Model BIKE?: *Please include a photo of your bike RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE?: *Please explain experience

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Do you think you are perfect for this role? Leave us a comment below and tell casting directors why you should be selected!

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