MTV Casting Call: Have you ever done something CRAZY for love?

Project Casting

Have you ever done something CRAZY for love? Well MTV is looking for you.

Casting directors and producers for a new MTV television series is currently seeking people who have gone to extreme lengths to prove their love! This is your chance to tell MTV your story. No matter how crazy, how outrageous, MTV wants to hear it!


See the casting call details below for more information!

Looking For Women / 21 & up / All Ethnicities

Have you gone to EXTREME LENGTHS – physically, emotionally or financially – or even, put yourself in danger, all to WIN love or to PROVE your love!

Tell us your story — no matter how outrageous — we want to hear it! IF YOU KNOW A WOMAN WITH A GREAT STORY GUYS, FWD TO HER! FEEL FREE TO SEND TO FRIENDS THAT MAY FIT THE BILL.

We need loud, fun and fascinating women who have amazing stories of ridiculous, shocking, romantic, bold, risky, dangerous and hilarious things they did for love.

A woman got dumped – she then recorded 62 YouTube videos about her love for her boyfriend.
She got a ton of views – but eventually got the one that counted, his.
He came back, moved by her love and creativity.

Got a story – please email:[email protected]

City & State
Description of What You Did for Love
You may be contacted to Skype to discuss your story.

Shoot will take place in New York City or a camera crew may come to you.

photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc