Major Skincare Brand Open Casting Call (Pay is $10,000+)

Money Casting Call

A major skin care brand is now casting real women.

JVA8 inc is now casting a short documentary for a major skincare brand. Casting directors are looking for real stories of women, ages 25 to 34, who are living their lives on their own rules and not influenced by society’s traditional norms that woman should live by. All ethnicities and sexual preferences are encouraged to apply. Producers are looking to have conversations with women who are not doing what society typically expects of them. Talents will be compensated between $2,500 to $10,000 with filming shooting in New York City.

How to apply:

We are currently casting a short documentary for a major skincare brand. If you think you are right, please self submit (directions are below) or pass it on. This is a PAID branded video.

We are looking for:

REAL STORIES of women, this is not scripted
Women ages 25-34
Who are living their lives by their own guidelines and not influenced by society’s idea of the traditional norms that woman should live by.
All ethnicities and all sexual preferences
We want to have conversations with women who aren’t doing what society typically expects of them. Such as:

Have you chosen not to get married?
Have you chosen not to have children?
Or are you in relationship that is not conventional?
And if so, how do your friends and family feel about it? Do they disagree with your choices?
We want to tell authentic stories of women who made a choice to live life by their own terms. This will include hearing from your family or friends and how they accept (or are trying to accept) your choices.

This is a non-union job. Please do not submit if you/talent is SAG/AFTRA.


SHOOT DATES: MARCH 29, 30, 31 (must be avail for all dates)

LOCATION: NYC (you must live in NY but friends or family can live outside of NY, please specify as we will want to interview them as well)


PRINCIPAL FEMALE STORY: $10,000 (inclusive of 3 shoot dates)

FAMILY or FRIENDS: $2,500 each (inclusive of 2 shoot dates)

USAGE: 1 year. Worldwide. Right to use name, image, likeness, quotations, biographical information in any manner or media whatsoever (whether now known or hereafter devised) anywhere in the world for the purposes of advertising, trade, publicity, and/or any other lawful purpose in connection with Client and its products or services for one year beginning from date of first use in any media.

Keep in mind that this is a documentary-style video looking to inspire people around the world; we want to show through various authentic stories that there are many different ways to live a happy and fulfilling life. Women have the power of choice now more than ever, and it’s empowering to defy traditional values and societal stereotypes.

State your name, where you live and what you do for a living
Tell us about the choices you have made in your life: ones that you are proud of and ones that are different than what your family or friends think you should have made. I.E, not marrying or deciding to not have children or having a non “traditional” relationship.
Tell us about how your family and friends live and what their opinions are about your personal choices. Where does your relationship stand with them now? Have they accepted your lifestyle or do they still struggle to understand it?
Please keep video to under 3 minutes long
If you use your iPhone to tape the scene, please make sure to shoot it HORIZONTALLY (not vertically).
Please make sure to set up the camera so it is facing you and speak directly into it to tell your story.
Find a quiet, well-lit space.
When you record the scene, you should be natural and honest. Think of it as a conversation, not an interview or acting.
You can send to us via: (share with the email [email protected] as that’s the email we have associated with our dropbox account) or or email or any other video platform that works for you.
In the body of your email please tell us your full name, email, phone # and your instagram (if you have one). Please include 2 natural photos (nothing stylized, with little to no makeup).
Please send to us no later than 3.14.19

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Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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