Love Teen Mom? MTV ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 Casting Call

Project Casting

Casting directors and producers for MTV are currently casting for the documentary series “16 and Pregnant”.

recently posted a casting call for the provoking documentary series “16 and Pregnant”.

If you don’t know, 16 and Pregnant follows lives of young women as  they progress from becoming unexpected mothers to becoming parents at a young age.

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MTV points out that their goal is to ” give viewers a look inside the realities of teen pregnancy — from morning sickness and balancing school responsibilities to navigating incredibly difficult decisions and relationships with boyfriends and/or parents, ultimately to the day of the baby’s arrival and beyond.

MTV is looking for young women from varying backgrounds who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to share their personal story about this life-changing and complicated journey.”

“Exposing the Plight of Teen Mothers” – Creator of MTV’s 16 and Preganant

Recently in an article with, spoke with Lauren Dolgen Creator of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Critics have argued that these shows are “glamorizing” teen pregnancies. But Dolgen says the buzz surrounding the shows is a good thing for exposing the plight of teen mothers.

“I think if you watch the show you realize there’s nothing glamorous about being a teen parent.” Doglen continues, “And the truth is that when I do see the girls in the tabloids or [hear] people asking about the glamorization, I really do say, ‘At least people are having the discussion now.’ I mean, they were not talking about teen pregnancy at all when we first created the show. So, I say bring on the criticism, because we are actually dealing with it in a very real way, and at least it’s being talked about and discussed now.”

Life After 16 and Pregnant

Regardless of the matter, “16 and pregnant” has put teens at the center of the world’s attention as the change from being care-free teenagers, to responsible parents in less than a year. However, the outcome is not always positive. For example, an easy google search of previous ’16 and pregnant’ members and you will see countless stories of drug use, divorce, and arrests.

  • After being featured on the first season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Josh Rendon went on to get married now they are splitting up (Source)
  • Weston Gosa, father of 16 & Pregnant Season 1 star Whitney Purvis’ son Weston Jr., has been arrested again in Georgia (Source)
  • “On Sunday night, the 19-year-old [Danielle Cunningham Season 1] live-tweeted a solo under-age drinking binge, just a few months after she admitted being addicted to heroin.” (Source)

How to Apply!

If you would like to share your story in order to raise awareness about this issue, please contact us as soon as possible. Include the city and state you live in, your contact details, a picture and the reason why you’d like to share your story as part of “16 and Pregnant.” Email us at:[email protected]

Leave us a comment below! We would love to know what you think. Does MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant” glamorize teen pregnancy? Do you plan on applying?

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