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Project Casting
Beal Talent & Associates is CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS. Beal Talent & Associates is a licensed and bonded full service talent agency representing actors in the areas of television, film, commercials and print. They recently posted the following notice for new talent on their Facebook Page:

Beal Talent & Associates Talent Agency

Beal Talent & Associates is currently looking to add youth and adult talent to our roster. We are looking to fill specific age slots with young talent (see below) as well as grow our adult commercial department. Our adult on camera division is currently accepting submissions from both men and women, and we are open to all types.

6-8 yrs African American girl and Hispanic girl (Fluent in Spanish)
9-11 yrs African American girl
Legal 18 to play younger: Asian female – pretty or charactery
Legal 18 to play younger: Caucasian female- blonde & very pretty
Legal 18 to play younger: Hispanic female – Fluent in Spanish

5-6 yrs Caucasian boys
6 yrs (legal 6) African American boy
9 yrs (legal 9) African American boy
6-12 yrs Hispanic boy- Fluent in Spanish
13-15 yrs African American boy and Hispanic boy- Fluent in Spanish
Legal 18 to play younger: Hispanic male- Fluent in Spanish

If you are a manager, acting coach, photographer or an industry professional that we work with or have worked with in the past, please help us out and spread the word. If you are a client, we always welcome your referrals.