Joaquin Phoenix’s “C’mon C’mon” Casting – How to Audition for a Speaking Role

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix attends "The Burnt Orange Heresy" photocall during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 07, 2019 in Venice, Italy. - Image (Editorial credit: Denis Makarenko /

Joaquin Phoenix‘s next movie, “C’mon C’mon”, to film in New Orleans, and how to audition for a role Louisiana.

According to reports, Joaquin Phoenix’s “C’mon C’mon” is now filming in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The new movie is an upcoming American drama feature film, written and directed by Mike Mills. Along with Joaquin Phoenix, the movie stars Gaby Hoffmann. The movie centers around Phoenix playing a documentary filmmaker.

“Phoenix will play a documentary filmmaker whose latest project involves gifted children, while the story will find him bonding with his smart-yet-sensitive nephew, whose father struggles with bipolar disorder and is in the grips of a maniac episode’”

Joaquin Phoenix won the Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama. Joker was one of the biggest movies of 2019 and continues to transform the film industry for its acting, filmmaking, and screenwriting.

This news comes after a rumored ‘Joker’ sequel is coming soon. During Deadline’s recent ‘The Contenders New York event, ‘Joker’ director Todd Phillips said he was willing to create a sequel to the hit film.

“When a movie does $1 billion and cost $60 million to make, of course it comes up,” he laughed. “But Joaquin and I haven’t really decided on it. We’re open. I mean, I’d love to work with him on anything, quite frankly. So who knows? But it would have to have a real thematic resonance the way this one did, ultimately being about childhood trauma and the lack of love, and the loss of empathy. All those things are really what made this movie work for us, so we’d have to have something that had an equal thematic resonance.”

How to audition for a speaking role:

According to IMDB, ‘C’mon ‘C’mon’ is now casting speaking roles for the upcoming project and is cast by Mark Bennett and Jennifer Venditti. Mark Bennett is known for his work on It Follows (2014), Zero Dark Thirty (2012) and 20th Century Women (2016). According to her imdb bio, “Director Jennifer Venditti makes her directorial debut with “Billy The Kid”. Venditti started her New York City based casting agency JV8INC in 1998. Traveling all over the world, street scouting real people for advertising, fashion, and film she discovers an inspired repertoire of diverse talent otherwise ignored by traditional casting methods. Photographers Richard Avedon and Bruce Weber and director Spike Jonze are just a few who have been impassioned by her refined aesthetic. It is her interest in finding the beauty in everyday heroes that provided her natural transition into filmmaking. While casting Carter Smith’s short film “Bugcrush” (Sundance Short Film Winner 2006) in a rural Maine high school, Venditti discovered Billy Price whose unique and winning character inspired her feature documentary.”

The upcoming movie is big; casting directors are mostly contacting actors to work on the film through talent agencies. If you are interested in a speaking role in the upcoming movie, contact your talent agent for an audition. If you do not have an agent, check out our guide to landing an acting agent here.

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