‘How to Catch a Monster’ Casting Call for Background Actors

Project Casting

Ryan Hill Casting recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook page for the upcoming feature film, ‘How to Catch a Monster’. 

The Oscar-nominated actor who has been known to break up street fights, save the lives of pedestrians, and fight on the mean streets of the campaign trail, Ryan Gosling is setting up to direct his first feature film, “How to Catch a Monster.” and he is currently holding an open call for all aspiring actors.

“How to Catch a Monster” will star Christina Hendricks, is a film actually written by the Oscar nominated actor and is set to start filming this upcoming spring, according to the Los Angeles Times. “The film, set in what a news release described as a “surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city,” follows a single mother whose teenage son uncovers a frightening and mysterious underwater town.”

‘How to Catch a Monster’ Casting Call Information

How to Catch a Monster on Thursday, May 9th, I’ll need:
(ALL are 18+)
4 ND (nondescript) Drivers (with cars)
5 Shady Low-life Types
2 Off work strippers
Be sure to fill out the availability form and email pics to [email protected] if you haven’t yet. http://www.ryanhillcasting.com/AvailConfForms.html

Casting Call Update

The 3 big days on HTCAM will be next Friday (5/17 (128 people)) and the following Monday & Tuesday (5/20 (30 people) & 5/21 (83 people)).
Will need people that can work all 3 days.
NO ONE has been cast/confirmed for those days yet.
I will be posting a new form just for those scenes this weekend.