Georgia Expands Education Options for Aspiring Filmmakers

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Georgia continues to invest in filmmaking options for aspiring filmmakers and college students.

With well over 40 TV shows and movies filming in Georgia, the Peach State is increasing education options for the growing film industry.

According to, Clayton University is working to provide an education for aspiring actors and filmmakers.


It’s a program that John Principe says helped him join a union and land some work on the show Sleepy Hollow, now filming in Georgia.

“I wouldn’t have known,” Principe said. “I wouldn’t have known as much a year and a half ago when I first started. Wouldn’t have known people. I wouldn’t have known how to get it.”

But Clayton State won’t be the only place training for Georgia students. The state is working to create the Georgia Film Academy.

That’s right. The Georgia Film Academy is offering certificate programs to quickly train people looking into joining the growing TV and film industry.

“People come up through the ranks, but they do need the basics and that’s what this film academy is meant to do,” Thomas said. “Really get them so they’re set ready, so they can go in there and know what they’re doing and have the basic skills to be successful in it.”

While many of these students will be competing for the same job, it provides the state of Georgia are large and trained workforce, something Hollywood producers complained about several years ago.