Disney Casting (Print, Jobs, & Commercials)

Project Casting

Theme Parks are now casting real families in Miami. The project is going to occur in Orlando. If you are available Saturday or Sunday, e-mail the contact below to schedule an appointment. The casting call is scheduling people for all types of media.


Casting Date is scheduled for July 14th and July 15. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CALL, ALL FAMILIES WILL RECEIVE AN APPOINTMENT
Location is scheduled for Miami, and the project will be shooting in August and beyond.


Looking for Real Families Only. NO fictitious families are allowed in this casting.

  • Parents 30 – 42 years old
  • Kids 4 – 15 years old
  • Families of 4 are preferred but 5 could work!
  • Pre-Family real couples are encouraged to apply (late 20s to early 30s)
  • Post-Family real couples younger couples (late 60s)

Families selected for the casting sessions will also be considered for future jobs. For example, commercials, and print jobs for cruise ships, water parks, vacation destinations, and night time entertainment that are owned and operated by these theme parks

REAL FAMILIES attending these casting sessions will be considered for future theme park jobs including: cruise ships, water parks, vacation destinations, time shares, and night time entertainment outlets owned and operated by these theme parks.


Adult rate is $500/12 hours

Child rate is $500/8 hours *maximum by law
* Since work hours for kids are less than adults, in some cases, parents will be required to provide childcare on set through a designated guardian – not the parent(s) who will be required to continue shooting.

 Contact: [email protected]