Dance Network’s ‘The Science of Dance’ Open Casting Call

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Dance Network’s new series ‘The Science of Dance’ is looking for real dancers in Nashville, Tennessee.

Katz Kazting is now looking for dancers to work on the Dance Network’s new series ‘The Science of Dance’. Casting directors are looking for a wide range of dancers to work on the upcoming production. Filming will take place in Nashville, Tennessee.


Dance is a beautiful sight to behold. It is a passionate display of moving art form performed with the human body and comes in thousands of forms and techniques.

But there is a delicate science that lurks beneath the surface of every dance move we see. There is a complicated coordination of muscles, tendons, bones and nerves that come together to produce a mellifluous harmony of movement.

In this show we attempt to breakdown the science of various movements found in dance. We also examine their common pitfalls and even the biomechanics of injuries found in these dances. Hopefully we can explore together the marvelous mystery of motion and help you explore some moves of your own.

To audition for a role on the upcoming Dance Network series, The Science of Dance, check out the casting call details below:

The Science of Dance Casting Call

Project Name; Breakdown: The Science of Dance
Network: Dance Network

TV Show – 13 episodes

Casting Director: Katrina Cook 


Local Hire to Nashville, TN. 

This is a rough list of Dancers / Talent that we will be needing for the first season of the show.  

We are looking for those who are proficient (professional/performance/skilled) in these specific dance styles/moves as listed below. 

  1. Classic Ballet: Pointe
  2. Classic Dance II: Pirouette
  3. Breakdancing: the Swipe
  4. Breakdancing; the Windmill
  5. Breakdancing: the Stab
  6. Parkour/Free running: Wall Pass
  7. Parkour: Arm Jump/Cat Jump
  8. Parkour/Free running II: Fall from height
  9. Parkour: Parkour Roll
  10. Fire Dancing  
  11. Fire Walking
  12. Moonwalk
  13. Tap Dance
  14. Hula hoop Artist
  15. Twerking
  16. Belly dancing:

Days Needed: 3 days  (2 dance / 1 studio)
Film Dates: Oct 23- Nov 4, Mandatory Rehearsal on Oct 22.
Shoot Location: Nashville, TN

To submit: Send a video clip of you doing the specified dance movement. This can either be a previous performance video, or one you take with your cell phone in your driveway. 

1) Email: [email protected]
2) Email subject: DANCER
3) Include: name, phone #, headshot, dance photo & dance resume
4) What dance moves (from the list above) are you applying for? 

5) What inspires you for your dance? 

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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