Cinemax’s ‘Banshee Season 2’ Casting Call for Native Americans and Hispanics

Project Casting

Casting Directors for the second season of Banshee are currently seeking Native American and/or Hispanic individuals who are interested in working on Banshee!

Some cool news for the Banshee fans of the world! Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek is making tracks to Cinemax’s hit drama Banshee to play a pivotal character from the comic book, TVLine has learned.

The Damages alum will appear in three Season 2 episodes as Jim Racine, a chain smoking, renegade FBI agent who has been tracking Rabbit for 15 years. Racine, who was introduced in the prequel comic Banshee: Origins, arrives in town to investigate Rabbit’s disappearance, creating new complications for Lucas and Carrie.

Cinemax Banshee Casting Call Information

Tona B. Dahlquist recently posted the following Casting Call on their Facebook Page:

BANSHEE: Still seeking those of Native American or Hispanic (Males & Females)descent for filming with us this Season. Please spread the word to any you may know.

If available and fitting such description (and have not yet submitted) please submit a current snapshot/photo along with the following information; Name,

Age, Phone, Height/Weight, Clothing sizes to us at

[email protected] 

with the heading being your Age, Ethnicity, Gender, City/State you reside. Example: 24, Hispanic Female, Charlotte.