Chewbacca Mom is Now Rich and Charging for Autographs

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Chewbacca mom now charges $20 for a photo and autograph.

People are now starting to turn their backs on Chewbacca mom, the viral sensation. The initial video was nice and made millions of people laugh, her Late Late Show was entertaining, and she got a few nice rewards from Kohl’s and Facebook. She even got the chance to meet the man behind Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew, at Dallas Fax Expo. And that’s where we found out that Chewbacca Mom is using every second of her 15 minutes of fame, according to TMZ:

Chewy lovers at Dallas’ Fan Expo forked over $20 for a photo and autograph from Candace during her first convention appearance Sunday.

Payne got a prime booth spot too … right next to Jack Gleeson from “Game of Thrones.”

That’s right, not only did Payne charge for autographs, with a portion going to charity, but people also lined up and paid for her autograph. If you thought being famous on Instagram was weird, imagine becoming famous for a single viral video.

According to Mashable, Chewie Mom’s gifts add up to a grand total of $400,000. This includes the college scholarships for her entire family and all of those trips she got to take following the video’s explosion.


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