CBS “Person of Interest” Casting Information

Project Casting

CBS new hit Drama “Person of Interest” is about a former CIA agent who is hired Harold Finch, played by Michael Emerson, a mysterious billionaire computer nerd and is living by an “assumed identity”. Finch explains that after 9/11 the created a computer system for the government that uses information from surveillance to predict future terrorist attacks. Finch figures out that the program also predicts ordinary crimes, and while the government is not interested in that information. Finch hires a CIA agent to stop such crimes. The show stars Taraji P. Henson, Michael Emerson, and Kevin Chapman. Filming begins this summer and is scheduled to be filmed in NYC


Principal Casting Information

Send your Headshot/Resume to:

Mark Saks, 270 Lafayette St., Ste. 200, NYC 10012

Background Casting Information

Grant Wilfley Casting, 123 W. 18th St., 8th floor, NYC 10011.