Casting Directors are Seeking Union Talent for Industrial

Project Casting

[Virginia] Casting Directors are looking for UNION talent for a SAG industrial shoot. Auditions will be held Friday, September 7, 2012.

Casting Directors are looking for the following types:

CAUCASIAN MALE in his 40s-to late 50’s who could pass as a former military man. (Shoots September 11, 2012)

AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE in her late 50’s to early 70’s. (Shoots September 10, 2012)

ASIAN OR HISPANIC FEMALE in her mid 20s to mid 30s.(Shoots September 12, 2012)

MALE, ANY ETHNICITY, in his teenage or early 20’s. A tall gangly man. (Shoots September 13, 2012)

For consideration, please email [email protected] with your headshot and resume. Please include all contact numbers as well as all union affiliations.