BBC Casting Call: Sweat The Small Stuff

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United Kingdom Casting Call

From daily obsessions to personal dilemmas, Grimmy, along with team captains Rickie and Melvin from Kiss FM and The Saturday’s Rochelle Humes, are all sweating the small stuff with some very special guests.

In the studio they will be tackling all the big, little questions and need your help. Stuff like:

Do you prefer to keep the door open while on the toilet but live in a shared house? Is this causing awkward moments with housemates?

Do you have an obsession that your partner can’t stand and is affecting your relationship?

Are you the boyfriend who cries during chick flicks while your unimpressed girlfriend looks on?

If you want to share your small, light-hearted dilemmas with Nick Grimshaw on his brand new show Sweat The Small Stuff then get in touch and let us know what you’re sweating about.

What are the small things that you’re worried about (the smaller and weirder the better)?

Do you have any personal dilemmas that our guests can help resolve for you?

Sweat The Small Stuff is produced for the BBC by Talkback.

To apply

Age limit: Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.

Email: [email protected]