Banshee Season 2 Stand In Casting Call for Lead Male Actor

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Casting directors are now seeking someone who can play the Stand in for the lead male actor in Cinemax’s show Banshee Season 2. 
Banshee takes place in the fictional small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania. After serving 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from Ukranian gangster Mr. Rabbit, the unnamed protagonist travels to Banshee to find his heist accomplice and former lover, Anastasia. When he finds her, the protagonist learns that she is now a married mother of two living under the assumed identity of Carrie Hopewell.

Banshee Season 2 Casting Call Information

Banshee Casting recently posted the following casting call on their Facebook Page:

Banshee will be needing a Stand In for our Lead Male actor this season -Should be 5’11, Caucasian, Brown Hair, Slender Build,20’s -30’s, available EVERY day (Monday -Friday), day and/or night, whenever is needed and for however long needed each day/night. This job will be starting April 5th until mid August. Should live in Charlotte or a surrounding area as no housing will be provided. Submit photos and complete information (name, age, phone, city and state you reside, height, weight, clothing sizes) to us at [email protected] with heading LUCAS STAND IN