Atlanta Indie Film ‘What’s Paid For’ Open Casting Call for Several Speaking Roles

Project Casting

What’s Paid For casting casting call for several speaking roles in Atlanta, Georgia

(Production submitted by Endless Hemingway films)

Production title: What’s Paid For

Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent

Project length: Pilot (15 minutes)

Project format: 16:9 HD

Posted on: Sunday

Production location: ATLANTA

Production Company: Endless Hemingway productions

Company website:

Director: Cerrone Hemingway

Producer: Israel Jacobs

Casting Director: Alexis Douglas

Audition Location: 2383 Akers Mill Rd

Shooting Location: Atlanta

Email: [email protected]


Auditions:Feb 1, 2014

(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Synopsis: ​Shawn Parker is a late 20s insurance salesman, relatively new to the city of Atlanta. With hopes of trying to better himself and move on from his past, he finds it difficult to start over in a new city. Money is scarce and responsibilities wait for no one. While out at a bar with a co-worker, Shawn meets Adrian; a slightly older, mysterious woman who persuades him to come home with her. A one night stand is intriguing to Shawn until Adrian propositions him to become an escort. ​The unthinkable proposal becomes Shawn’s last resort when his life begins to crumble around him. Now intertwined with a life of being an escort, Adrian’s skeletons, and his past resurfacing, Shawn is walking the line of trying to get out of this sticky business and getting in too deep.

Character BIOS



Adrian is gorgeous lady well put together, sophisticated in what she does, and very well connected persuades Shawn Parker to come home with her. A one night stand is intriguing to Shawn until Adrian propositions him to become an escort. Falling on hard times Shawn accepts Adrian’s offer to be his pimp


Marcus is a funny, smooth guy who is Shawn’s co-worker and best friend, who is like a big brother to Shawn who gives him advice, but envoy’s Shawn for his potential.


Landlord is a calm, cool, collective and sarcastic person who stands by their word. The landlord has a love/ hate relationship with Shawn due to his predictable lateness with the rent.


She’s the gorgeous wife of a judge and one of the best divorce attorneys in the state. Her husband is known to be hands on with his law clerks. She’ll want to be discret and wants Shawn to be her entertainment of choice for the evening.


Crystal is Shawn’s daughter’s mother, she has a love/hate relationship with Shawn. She demands more than Shawn can give to her, due to the hurt and pain of the failed relationship after Shawn moved to Atlanta to get a new beginning


Camille is Shawn’s beautiful daughter that loves her daddy with all her might. She just wants what any kid wants from there father, love and to be spoiled.

Please submit your acting résumé to [email protected]