Are You a Model? How to Submit to VNY Model Management

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When it comes to choosing a modeling agency, it takes time, dedication, and persistence. One of the biggest fashion model management firms in the country is VNY Model Management.

Lana Winters started VNY Model Management in 2001. Unlike many other agencies in New York, VNY has been known for being a “boutique agency” with a different approach.

Refusing to be a factory, VNY does not sign models with a hit or miss approach in hopes of finding a few that will make it out of the many.

Instead, VNY carefully handpicks each model with the certainty of them succeeding. Lana Winters is responsible for creating careers of models such as Nick Bryant, Nick Snider, Sean O, Milan Krouzil, Damian T, Anderson Noel, Marcus Hedbrandh, Nina Maria, Jordan Richardson, Susan C. and many more.

Working as an agent at many different top agencies in NYC before opening VNY, Lana Winters has created and managed many supermodels in the past decade and has seen what works and what doesn’t.

Having a firm relationship with all major clients along with a superior eye for scouting, VNY is an ideal environment for creating stars.

Her vision, belief and passion allowed her to build a foundation for VNY that works as a benefit for any model represented. The image and reputation is the driving force for the success and growth of the agency.

VNY’s reputation of working extra hard and getting speedy results is what makes this boutique agency unique. With all the attention and time dedicated to each and individual model, there is nothing better than having your own models tell you how happy they are about having such personal attention focused on their careers. In both the men’s and women’s divisions, VNY represents less than 75 models.


How to Submit to VNY Model Management

  • Top 10 Agency Editorial; men and women
  • Requirements: Women 5’9 and up, ages 14-20. Men 6’0 to 6’2, ages 16-22.
  • Open-call times: Wednesdays, 11am-12pm, see requirements

If you meet the requirements, and are unable able to make to the open call times, Click here to learn how to submit online!