YouTube's New Feature is Great News for Aspiring Filmmakers



YouTube's new "Explore" feature may make it easier for you to become an influencer, content creator, and/or filmmaker.

Building a YouTube channel is not an easy endeavor. But, it may just get a lot easier. YouTube is experimenting with a new "explore" feature that, according to reports, may open the opportunities for new creators and their content.
Users who are in the test now see a new, broad category called ‘On the Rise,’ loaded with suggested videos by fledgling YouTubers. (The category takes its name from YouTube’s On the Rise program, which offers up-and-coming creators space on YouTube’s Trending page.) And within On the Rise is a shelf specifically featuring creators with fewer than 10,000 subscribers."
This is exciting news for anyone with a channel that has a small following. Keep a close eye on your analytics as this feature expands more devices. It may affect how your ability to reach more eyes on YouTube. The feature is still in testing, and still, only a “small amount” of YouTube’s 2 billion users have access to it. “For now, ‘Explore’ is still considered an experiment, and the company is looking to gather more feedback before making a formal decision about the feature’s wider availability,” YouTube said. But the expanded rollout is a promising sign that Explore may be implemented as a full feature for all users in the future. Meanwhile, check out our How To Become an Influencer Guide!

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