Will Smith Reveals Why He Can't Watch Himself On ‘The Fresh Prince’

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air helped launch the acting career of Will Smith.

Recently, the actor opened up about what makes the TV series so cringe-worthy for him during a recently taped appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

“It was my very first role, and I was very, very focused on being successful, so I learned the whole script and everyone else’s lines,” Smith said. “If you watch the first four or five episodes, you can see I’m mouthing other people’s lines. It’s terrible and I can’t bear to watch it.”

It looks like it may be worth watching the TV pilot.

Will Smith played the character of the same name for six seasons, from 1990 to 1996.

Smith, 49, also talked about a “Fresh Prince” reunion, telling Norton, “Man, I’d have to be Uncle Phil in that one now ? I’m nearly 50!” 

Will Smith also spoke to Graham Norton about his new movie, Bright, which hit Netflix on December 22nd.

"[Bright is> Training Day meets Lord of the Rings," he says. "It’s really a fun and bizarre action movie. It takes some time to get your head around. Joel Edgerton plays an Orc and had to spend four hours a day in makeup and I’d just turn up ready to go. It made him cross."

Smith also admitted that there was one significant benefit to not doing a major theatrical release. “It’s a relief not having to rely on just one opening weekend at the box office to see if your film is a hit or not.”

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