Watch Out for Hidden Tests at Your Next Audition

Pay attention to hidden tests at your next job interview or audition.

Auditions are simply, job interviews for actors. On the surface, they seem like a simple exchange of questions and answers or reading of lines. However, some casting directors, and producers may include hidden tests, that can decrease your chances of landing a job or landing a part. Fast Company recently reported that HubSpot interviewer David Cancel brings a disposable cup of water into a job interview. He will wait to see if the applicant throws away the cup at the end. If they don't throw away trash, he says, they aren't a good fit for the company. The applicant is not told the interviewer is judging them on their behavior. But, Hubspot argues, that this is a test of character:
The interview process across HubSpot's teams integrates what Cancel calls qualitative tests of character, rather than quantitative measures of skill. Instead of tests and brainteasers, which don't work, hiring managers look for tells that give insights into people's personalities.
The same may apply for a casting director. The casting director will ask to see how well you will perform under stress. By asking you to re-read lines several times in different emotional settings.   Just remember to do your best, but also be aware of these hidden tests at your next interview/audition.   Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.