Tyler Perry Shares Amazing Advice On How to Survive Hollywood [VIDEO]

Tyler Perry Casting Calls

New York, NY - January 13, 2020: Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry attend premiere of Netflix A Fall From Grace at Metrograph (Editorial credit: lev radin /

Tyler Perry shares excellent advice to actors, producers, and filmmakers on how to make your way in Hollywood.

How Tyler Perry transformed himself into an international success is a fantastic story. Living on the streets of Atlanta homeless, to selling out box offices with several hit movies, Tyler Perry's production process is unique and shows you if you don't give up on your dreams, anything can come true. But, there's more than meets the eye with the Atlanta producer, director, writer, and actor. In a recent interview with Tyler Perry for the Producers Guild of America, he breaks down his philosophy to business and success in Hollywood. In the video, Tyler Perry explains his production process. Why he chooses to go against the Hollywood standard and focus on "making your own way." Tyler Perry talks about his father and how he worked so hard for a little a bit of money, but he was interested in making money and owning your productions and not work for someone else Tyler Perry goes on to discuss why actors, models, and talent should never give up on their passion. Perry argues that believing in God gives the confidence to make movies, TV shows, write, and work in the film industry. Tyler Perry goes on to describe how Hollywood focuses on creating ten episodes instead of writing a single TV pilot for a TV show—showing how the 10 episode model does work. And that ultimately helped him land one of the biggest syndication deals by going against the grain. Check out the videos below:


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