How Tom Hanks Developed His Accent for Forrest Gump [VIDEO]

Tom Hanks reveals how he developed his accent for Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks is a legend in the film industry. He has some of the best acting skills and talents in the film industry. And one of his biggest movie of his acting career has to be Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump would land Hanks a second Academy Award for Best Actor. Related: Tom Hanks Reveals Acting Was a Cure For His Childhood Loneliness But, in a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Hanks revealed how he developed the voice for Forrest Gump and it's pretty surprising. Hanks explains that the director didn't like the way the child actor talked in the movie and wanted Hanks to train the kid to talk in a different way in the movie. Hanks realized that it would be easier for Hanks to talk like the kid instead. So, Tom Hanks spent hours with the young child actor to learn how he pronounced words and it evidently worked. Check out the video below. Have an acting tip? Leave us a comment below!