This Horror Movie Filmed on Zoom Topped The Box Office with a $0 Budget

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"Unsubscribe", A scary movie filmed on video-conferencing app Zoom topped the US box office with a $0 budget.

The movie industry has completed changed due to the Coronavirus COVID-19. The movie industry is attempting to resume production. But, one filmmaker filmed a horror movie on Zoom with literally no budget and topped the US box office.

The movie follows five YouTubers who join a video conference call before they are haunted by a disturbing figure. The movie is only 29 minutes long and each actor volunteered to work for free, and the movie can be rented through Vimeo.

Starring Eric Tabach ("Love Is Strange"), Charlie Tahan ("Ozark", "I Am Legend"), Michelle Khare (HBO Max's "Karma"), Zach Kornfeld (The Try Guys), Thomas Brag (Yes Theory), Sneako, Lauren Brodauf, and Tyler Brash. The movie is written and directed by Christian Nilsson.

But it begs the question, how does a low-budget movie with no budget, make the top of the box office? Apparently, the lack of competition has helped. The industry’s downturn allowed for “Unsubscribe” to reach number one in the box office due to “Four Walling”.

“Four walling is when distributors rent out a movie theatre and buy all the seats," Rabach told the BBC. "So they pay a flat fee to the theatre, and any money they make off seats goes straight into their pockets. The moment we realized that was an option of distribution, we went for it."

While the filmmakers did not make any money, it did make $25,000 at the box office on June 10, according to Box Office Mojo, as several theaters bought tickets for empty screenings.  Rabach admits they did lose some money making the movie due to the four-walling loophole, but it is clear, a movie with no budget won the box office.

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