'Suicide Squad's Director Used "Manipulation" Tactics on His Cast

David Ayer used "manipulation" tactics on the cast of Suicide Squad

Every time we find out more about what filming Suicide Squad was like, it sounds more like the actors were sent to some sort of acting boot camp than an actual movie set (I can only imagine what it was like to work as an extra). This week, Viola Davis called one of her cast members a "pussy" and a "bitch". Davis had an idea for how she wanted her character's first scene with Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) to go. David Ayer had a completely different idea. Ayer's idea involved Davis throwing a bunch of surprising new lines on Kinnaman that he wasn't expecting. Here’s how Davis described the scene to Entertainment Weekly, "He would make me call, Joel Kinnaman a pussy at times. A bitch."Davis adds, "It’s completely politically incorrect but it caused a reaction in me. It made me feel like a straight up thug, and it made Rick Flagg want to kick my ass. So David got what he wanted." David Ayer WASHINGTON, DC-OCT 15: Director David Ayer (R) and wife Mareya attend the world premiere of "The Fury" at the Newseum on October 15, 2014 in Washington DC. (Debby Wong / Kinnaman added, “Some of the stuff she said really pissed me off. And I felt really betrayed.” As for Ayer, Kinnaman commented, “And that’s exactly what David wanted me to feel… And now it’s in the movie. That’s some pretty high-level direction through manipulation.” It's important to point out that not only did Ayer use "manipulation" techniques on his actors, he also made them fight during rehearsals. Suicide Squad is either going to be the best movie in history or a psychological experiment gone bad Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.